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Hey, you! YEAH, you! How would you like to be an example of mine? You would? Well that's fantastic! I'm always on the hunt for people to be examples, even if it's just a gallery blinkie or a freebie! Doesn't matter to me. c: So, I'll tell you what. Fill out the form below, and I will make sure to reference this post in the future when I'm making new offers or gallery updates. Sound fair?

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This is the place where I want you to give me some feedback on your experiences here. And even if it was a bad one, please tell me, so that I can correct this measure (if at all possible). Because that which does not kill us; makes us stronger.
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secret holiday gift exchange 2009; sign-ups.


Okay, wow. I'm so touched by all you makers donating your time and talent to this. Warms my heart. And now, down to business! As I explained some in my previous post, this is how it will go down.

A list will be compiled alphabetically by username.
Gifts will be distributed as I go down the list.
Makers will then be contacted. And then they have the ENTIRE MONTH OF DECEMBER TO MAKE THEM. You will be recieving them by email.

Now, while a winter/holiday/christmas theme is nice, I'm leaving the creativity to the makers. So no hinderance on my part. Ehehe. Just saying, go with whatever flow you guys feel, huh? :D

Once again, I am leaving this post public. So if you want to promote this around to friends and such, by all means, do so. Like I said before, any and all are welcome to participate and donate; I will not be turning anyone away. :)

All interested participants should fill out this form (this includes you too makers!; and I mean every single one of you that donated, don't make me come find you! Haha.), leave it as a comment. Comments are screened.

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secret holiday gift exchange 2009.

I'd like to, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, do something. I'm a giver, I truly do believe in the entire message of giving rather than receiving. Holiday spirit on overdrive; anyone? That being said, I have a question for you members out there.

If you are a maker, would you be willing to donate graphics as secret gifts?
If you are a member, would you be interested in this?
If you are both, are you interested in both?

Hear me out, while it might sound a little weird. There is no need to purchase, no need to donate anything outside of graphics. This is purely just the good feeling of giving to others.

What will happen is that a list of those who wish to to be a part of this will be compiled in alphabetical order (by lj username). And then the graphics will be distributed as I go down the list. The makers will then be contacted with who they will be making for. Those who shall be receiving will get them probably via email.

And yes, while you'll be able to see what is being donated; you will ultimately not know who it is going to, so it still remains a secret! :D

Please let me know what you ultimately think, because if you all think I'm crazy for wanting to do this, say so.

MAKERS: Let me know what you'd like to donate. Regardless of saying so or not, you will be added to the list because I feel you deserve something in return for your donated time and talent. :)

EDIT: If you guys would like to help and promote this, I have decided to leave this entry public so that you can do just that. :) Thank you for all the support so far!

Jackie (jackie @ leaky_blinks) has graciously donated a button! THANK YOU JACKIE! :D

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To be clear. There is no need to be a maker here. There is no need to be a member here. Anyone, no matter where they make or are a member of is welcome here. NOBODY SHALL BE TURNED AWAY. :D